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Music Marketing Materials

When you are releasing your new music it's vital to build hype within your audience and get the most attention.

This is where we, a leading motion graphic company with over 8 years of experience in the music industry

offer you a full promo package to make it happen!

Our full package includes Teaser, Trailer, and Promo video designs for all your social platforms as well as a

Spotify canvas video, YouTube Channel artwork design. Send us an email at or Contact Us here.

Instagram Promo Video

Instagram Story Video

A short 15-30 second vertical video design for the Instagram story. You can also post this on Snapchat, YouTube Shorts/Story, WhatsApp Story, and other vertical video platforms to reach more audiences.

Standard Teaser/Trailer Video

Standard 16:9 resolution Promo Video Design for your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other general media use. Not only for Singles, but we can also make a trailer/teaser for your music video, album launch,

or event announcement. This could be a 30-60 second or even higher duration design.

Spotify Canvas Video

We will make an 8-second loop video for your Spotify Canvas. This is a great way to personalize your music experience for your audience with a sweet visual integration.

Other Services


With over 8 years of experience in the music industry, we have created lyric videos for major artists and labels. Get a professional lyric video design for your next single!

Audio Visualizers

Audio Visualizer is perfect visual presentation of your song's audio. It's perfectly synced video with your graphics incorporated. Use your own Image, Logo, Album Art or just let our designers to do all with professional taste.

promo/trailer video

Our in house motion graphic team will create you a stunning promo/trailer video within 24 hours! We will deliver different versions to use as your Facebook cover video, Instagram Story, YouTube or anywhere else you want.

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