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Music Marketing Materials

We are the leaders in motion graphics! If you’re releasing a new single and you need a promotional trailer or you just need a video intro for the music videos we got you covered! We have done promo trailers, video intros and video outros for Major Labels and Artists. Get started today!

If you have any questions we would be glad to help. Send us an email to or Contact Us here.

Audio Visualizer Video

If you don’t have an official music video you can still release a promo video to gain the benefits of youtube and the attention your song can get. We design an audio visualizer which has a custom equalizer move to your song on perfect beat. We can add any image or video that you want behind it along with your logo. get started!

Instagram Release Videos

Announce your new single or project and demand attention. We design announcement videos for major and indie artists. You want to make a statement right out of the gate and share something powerful with your fans. We brand your video to match your images, single or album cover and more. Get set up today with 24 hour delivery time.

Promotional Video Trailer

Showcase your new single, album, EP or the website in the most powerful way possible. We design a promo trailer that will showcase your cover art in an actual 3d case animated with your project information to deliver clarity to your fans and followers. Our promo trailers are very popular with major labels and indie artists around the globe! Get started on your motion graphic video trailer today! 24 hour delivery time no matter what!

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